Brad J. Saucier, MAI

A native of Fort Kent, Maine, Brad grew up on a potato farm and learned the value of hard work at a very early age.  In 1997, Brad relocated to The Villages, Florida and began his real estate career as a new home sales executive where he consistently surpassed new home sales goals, contributing to financial revenue success of the company through excellent client service skills and real estate industry knowledge. 

In 2001, Brad made the decision to further his education and attended Florida State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Real Estate and Finance in 2004.  Immediately after graduating, Brad continued his real estate career and worked as the Senior Associate Appraiser and Consultant for Lee Pallardy, Inc. where he remained for 15 years.  His mentors were pivotal to his success, and his time there allowed him to gain extensive experience in analyzing, appraising, and brokering a plethora of simple and complex commercial and residential properties. 

Brad continues to further his knowledge and hone his skills and expertise as a real estate expert for a menagerie of commercial and residential property-types.  He continues to excel in valuation, litigation support services, estate planning and taxation, market studies and feasibility analyses, pre-acquisition and disposition analyses and brokerage, and provides an array of consulting services for a myriad of clients involved in real estate litigation, investment, underwriting, acquisition and disposition, and condemnation proceedings.

Moreover, Brad is knowledgeable about regulatory and policy trends that impact real estate, gained through continuous monitoring of the regulatory and political environments and trends in the residential and commercial real estate markets, as well as continuing to be active in professional organizations, committees and boards.

In 2012, Brad married the love of his life, Briana.  They were blessed in 2014 and 2016 with the miracle of birth of their two amazing sons, Bradley and Brendan. Brad loves spending time with his family in Odessa, Florida, where they have been residing for the last five years.